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I misread the first line as "Hiding Spot is difficult puzzle game about isolating yourself by Corey Martin, designer of Pipe Push Paradise."

That would have been a very different game.


What a terrific puzzler. Such an effective mood, too, which every aspect of the design works in concert to support. I got this in the Ukraine bundle but felt compelled to come back and pay for it specifically.

My only tiny complaint is that when you solve the room, and the scene zooms out slightly on the hider in his spot--it's perfect, except I wish that moment lasted a bit longer. In fact I would happily watch that hiding guy hiding away for an hour, or even all day, just to more fully absorb the profound waves of comfort and security he is clearly feeling in his secret little hiding spot. I'm guessing I should talk to a therapist?


Good one!


Love the game📦😋👌📦

The Steam version is 1.07 which supports windowed mode - any chance for that patch on itch too?


This game made me cry. 10/10

The puzzles are fun and it just feels so cozy.

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Just finished this. Awesome work! I love the twist on the sokobon premise. Really slick and clear puzzle design. There are some real stumpers here, too! Looking forward to more of your work. :)


LOVE this game.  It's so tight and space-constrained, and yet manages to offer very difficult puzzles that make you scratch your head. 

Any plan for Linux (Pipe Push Paradise has it :))

Aw thanks for letting me know! There were some QA issues with the Linux version that I couldn't resolve in time. Anyway, if you send an email to, i can send you a "no promises" Linux build. :)