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Hiding Spot is difficult puzzle game about isolating yourself by Corey Martin, designer of Pipe Push Paradise. It's a 3D grid-based game with a simple goal - build a safe place, huddle up and get cozy. 

Things you can do in Hiding Spot:

  • Cope your way through dozens of elegant puzzles
  • Push and pull your furniture around
  • Manage your anxiety
  • Make a judgment call about whether you're depressed or just in need of some alone time

Features a relaxing ambient synth score and minimalist voxel art.

Based on a short game originally made for Ludum Dare 42:

p.s. purchase includes Steam Key. :)

Contact: corey@toboggan.work


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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HidingSpot-v1.0.6-pc.zip 41 MB
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Just finished this. Awesome work! I love the twist on the sokobon premise. Really slick and clear puzzle design. There are some real stumpers here, too! Looking forward to more of your work. :)

LOVE this game.  It's so tight and space-constrained, and yet manages to offer very difficult puzzles that make you scratch your head. 

Any plan for Linux (Pipe Push Paradise has it :))

Aw thanks for letting me know! There were some QA issues with the Linux version that I couldn't resolve in time. Anyway, if you send an email to corey@toboggan.work, i can send you a "no promises" Linux build. :)