v1.2.0 (new level set!)

New major update! I got a bug report that inspired (burdened me with?) a whole new set of levels. The patch is now available as a free dl to anyone who owns the game.

I feel this update completes the game, and will now finally move on to other things, but feel free to email me about bugs/support anytime at corey(at)toboggan(dot)work.

Thanks for playing!


PC v1.2.0 (x86) 104 MB
Aug 06, 2018
PC v1.2.0 (x86_64) 106 MB
Aug 06, 2018
Mac v1.2.0 107 MB
Aug 06, 2018
Linux v1.2.0 (x86) 108 MB
Aug 06, 2018
Linux v1.2.0 (x86_64) 109 MB
Aug 06, 2018

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