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When I hit play, the map appears for 1 sec and after that, it's all black. I can see the interface, but something is wrong with the camera.

Same situation for me.

Although this was short, the concept is really interesting! I like how you introduce the mechanics of the dice early on and progressively introduce the environmental mechanics! It was fun solving the levels and even more fun speedrunning them! It was not the best run but it was still quite cool! Overall very fascinating and fun!



(+1)(-3) isn't the place to look for ipad games, it's a trash pile anyway so. :\

A new twist on a classic game.  Was really fun, can't wait for more levels.


i loved


the game is broken for me and it shows a black screen and only the gui :(


Short but fun! The puzzles are well thought out. I just wish there were more of them. Good job!


Very fun game but my iq was waay to low for that last level!


hint: you can hold a cube over your head ;)


I like this game


Love the minimal art style, so nice!


This is really cool!

Very visually appealing I like your art style

Any way you could try uploading an android version.

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Looking good, need some polish on the animation transiction but for a jam looks good enough!

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Nice game idea, using a dice as a 3D Sokoban character and utilizing the upper number for something. Currently the game doesn't use this but has only a gauge visualizing the upper number. But as a 3D Sokoban game it's still interesting and still has the twist of the sides clapping down after a jump so you can stand over a pit. You probably have a ton of missing features listed, but the ones I missed especially were a camera turn to view the level properly and more explanations how the game works. The latter was possible to find out by trying, but a turning camera with mouse or Q/E would be essential. Oh, and usually the sum of opposite sites of a dice is 7, so 1 and 6, 2 and 5, 3 and 4, but your dice has 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6. I found that to be irritating when knowing this about real dice and suggest to change that. Anyway, I love all your games and this one has potential! Wish you the best!